The Barbecue Shop: The Best Accessories For Your Summer BBQ

The Barbecue Shop. The Tools You Need.

A summer BBQ; nothing can quite compare. But with Summer approaching, we need to act fast. We must act now. It's time to collect the tools that will make our BBQs stand out from the rest. Whether we decide to have small summer barbecues for our families, or we decide to host larger events with friends, the BBQ equipment that we decide to use will be critical. Its in the finer details that makes great tasting meat. It's all about how its cooked, how long its cooked for, when its cooked, what its cooked with. Any master of the grill knows this. That's why, at InTrendSting, we are always on the lookout for the very best barbecue products and barbecue accessories. The idea is not just to have a barbecue, but to have the very best barbecue. One in which is quite simply, easy to prepare, cook and clean, whilst all the while punching a tonne of flavor. We want our family's, our friends, to admire the way in which we cooked their steak. To question and probe us as to how we cooked their barbecue chicken so succulent. So without further ado, we have found the very best four BBQ accessories on the market. But we've delved deeper, and looked across the entire scope of a BBQ, from the start to the end. We've found the best four products throughout the grilling process that that will project us to barbecue stardom. Welcome to the Barbecue Shop...

1) MeatMaster™ - Portable LED Touch Sensitive BBG Grill & OutdoorLight

Hands Free Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

The first thing that we need to ensure, is that we can see the BBQ in front of us. Even if we are hosting a Summer BBQ, if we eat in the evening, the likelihood of full visibility is slim. We need to see the exact state of the meat - its color, not only on the surface, but inside. That's where the MeatMaster™ - Portable LED  BBG Grill Light meats our needs! Having tried a wide variety of lights, InTrendSting can confirm that its one of the best lights on the market! 

Being so lightweight, its insanely convenient and practical, and is incredibly easy to use having a touch-sensitive on/off and light control switch. With a screw attachment feature, this light can be easily attached to our barbecue. It is installed with 10 super bright LED lights and has a 180 degree swivel action head. This illuminates every corner of the grilling surface giving us visibility of the entire grill!

2) MeatMaster™ -Wolverine Barbecue Bear Meat Claws

Barbecue Bear Meat Claws

Next up in the Barbecue Shop, we need to handle our meat properly. The standard prongs and forks just do not cut it. They're incredibly ineffective, we just cannot get enough grip and too often we burn our hands, or worse - the meat! The MeatMaster™ -Wolverine Barbecue Bear Meat Claws are the answer to our prayers.

The MeatMaster™ Claws come as a pair, with one claw per hand, and have been carefully designed with 6 prongs each. This immediately makes them far quicker than your regular BBQ Forks and means they are perfect for handling a wide variety of meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc). These claws are fantastic when used on the grill itself; where we can now catch chunks of meat far more easily and cook just to how we, our friends and our family like it. The handles are suitably comfortable, and enable us to carry and shred meat at the table! Being fully heat resistant we never have to worry about burning or hands or the tips melting.These are quite simply a a must have BBQ accessory tool. 

3) MeatMaster™- Hands Free Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

Hands Free Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

Before we serve to our easily awaiting guests, we need to ensure that our meat is cooked to perfection. That is where the MeatMaster™- Digital Meat Thermometer comes in! This way we can ensure that our meat is cooked to the perfect point, and ensure that we can get our meat as succulent as possible.

This barbecue tool really enables us to expertly cook our favorite foods on the grill – and makes sure that our steaks, chicken, poultry and pork are cooked to their most optimum using pre-set or manual cooking temperatures. What InTrendSting likes most about these specific Thermometer - they are hands free, wireless and remote. It allows us to cook from up to 100 feet away, so we don't have to miss out on the event, conversation and more. These Digital wireless grill thermometer come with an alarm, providing a beep when the temperature of the food goes above or below our programmed range (-32 to +482 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to +250 degrees Celsius). We noticed these thermometers come with a very high level of accuracy, and the stand-out feature is we could program the thermometer for different types of meat and preferences (Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well, Well-Done).

4) MeatMaster™ - Barbecue Branding Iron Tool With 55 Changeable Letters

Barbecue Branding Iron Tool

Finally in the Barbecue Shop, we need to make this BBQ our own. This is where the MeatMaster™ - Barbecue Branding Iron Tool comes in. This fantastic device lets us to brand our steaks with anything that we like - personalized messages, jokes or names. We can brand it with the proud BBQ king, or we could even brand it with the name of the guest who is fortunate enough to receive such a gift - the possibilities are truly endless. 

So there you have it. 4 of the very best BBQ accessories and products to make your Summer BBQ the talk of the town. Master your meat and become a true BBQ King!  And we all know that a beer or two goes down incredibly well at a barbecue. So why not check out the BeerBuddy™ - Cap Zappa: Beer Opening Cap Launching Bottle OpenerThe time has come to not just crack open a bottle of beer, but to shoot the cap into the distance or into your friends face!